Thursday, May 16, 2019

What Happened to the Story?

What happened to That Story on Mayor McDermott, Jr?


Encountered people who were inquiring about story “The Times” was working on (Will Racke). Street knew the answer because Marc Chase told him about a “stumbling block” with the story. More on that later. But Street got a chuckle but yet listened with his ears perking up like a good K-9.
“I’ll tell you why they ain’t wrote no story on McDermott,” my Source starts out
“Go ahead, Boss,” Street went with him.
“Hell, they ain’t got no more ink left after them stories they done on Higgs, Street. You know that,” Source starts to tell me.
“They did nail him to the cross,” Street interjects.

Marc Chase

He thinks that an alleged private settlement between McDermott and the State of Indiana hasn’t been consummated yet… Thus no “residue” no where on this $50,000 dollars settlement. Then, why would McDermott be “singing the Blues” on WJOB.

P.S. Would a Mexican or a Black be able to get a private settlement?


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