Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Something Tangible

“Something Tangible”


“I’m from Missouri… you gotta show me. I’m not really from East Chicago,” Street tells “Lefty” as we’re smashing on some “Buono Beef” as we talk. “Lil Baby can talk, boss,” Street made his point.
“Okay, you “blank, blank”… you wanna see some freaking paperwork,” Lefty leaned forward with plenty of bass in his voice.
“Something tangible, lefty,” Street started “to work” Lefty.
“I know you wanna touch it and feel it. I heard you before,” Lefty makes himself very clear.
Street smiles.

Lefty Folklore

Jim Dedelow (WJOB) used to cross the street (no pun intended) when he saw Lefty coming in Roxana.

Bottom Line

Freedom of speech is what Jan’s Towing got aces, and he “walks the walk and talks the talk”!!! Lefty got a cartoon of Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. “on the barbie”. Subliminal message here. “Big ten-four on that. Street heard that McDermott, Jr is “getting real hot!” 3 Letter Boyz ain’t done.


“Team McDermott, toasting bread on Lefty.” Used to say that Lefty threaten to kill a federal judge… Street contacted U.S. Attorney Office in Illinois to investigate this person that McDermott, Jr was spewing on his radio show on WJOB. “Unsubstantiated rumor” was what U.S. Attorney Office in Illinois deemed it.  Street posted it on his blog, and Tom McDermott, Jr. doesn’t tell that lie anymore.