Friday, October 18, 2019

$100,000 Dollars Super Bowl Pool

$100,000 Dollars Super Bowl Pool

Street (Allegations)

$1,000 dollars a square winner take all… Bochinche is that it was a “boss lady” @ Hammond City Hall who was “running the show.” The $100,000 dollars was allegedly kept a Hammond Poe-Poe Station for safekeeping. My  source is like “money in the bank” and “better than a government check”. Our “female hustler” here @ Hammond City Hall used to be married to a “Hammond Poe-Poe”, you feel me?

Okay Boys and Girls Question

Did Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. know of these “games of chance” in Hammond, Indiana? Anecdotal stuff --- Foreman on Street Dept. Allegedly, when those $1,000 dollar squares sold out, he started his own Super Bowl pool @$100 dollars a square. And he sold it out and “hit a lick”.
Don’t forget Scott Rakos and Dave “Double Down” Westland.