Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Four and a Half years

 Albany, Indiana -- R.V. Rental

Street (4 and a half years ago)

9:30 am in the morning, and Jan’s talking about riding to Albany, Indiana to see where Mayor McDermott, Jr rented that “R.V.”. We’re on the side of Big Frank’s parking lot’ Woo-woo-wooing, you know.

“Come with me,” Jan asked me straight-up, and he was dead serious.

“But Lefty if they send someone to shoot you, they’ll get me, too… who’s gonna write the story?” Street tongue in cheek like.

“Y-ea-h!” Lefty gives me the eye, the bad eye, then smiles. “I’m going Street.” Jan “aka Lefty” got a lil rubber as the red R-150 took off. He lit the match, brother.

Street watched that red R-150 headed east on Carroll towards Indy Blvd. On the way back from Albany, Indiana. Jan’s got Bill Dolan looking for a quote. The Times were on Jan like a “cheat suit”. Who else would drive to Albany, Indiana on a hunch.