Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Whistle Blower

"Left, The Real Whistle Blower"


     Can Visclosky find $50,000 McDermott, Jr references to on WJOB Podcast.
 Musician Guild today
    This a "Hoosier" writing about other Hoosiers". Can we allow a "big time" politician to secure a $50,000 private settlement with state of Indiana. Decided to stay on a story that has quote unquote "Big Dogs in leading roles.

1. U.S. Congressman Viscolsky
2. Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr.
3. Governor Holcomb
4. Indiana  Surpreme Court
5. U.S. Attorney Office Northern Indiana District -- Tom Kirsch 
6. Infamous "Lefty" -- Whistle Blower

Exhibit A

McDermott, Jr. singing the blues on WJOB about paying a fine of $50,000 for being a Democrat, etc; etc.