Monday, December 23, 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New year

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Years


     Juanni Jones, you helped plant a seed that growing and will bloom 2020.
 Future site of the Mural Project

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Mayor McDermott, Jr's Clowning

Mayor McDermott, Jr. Hammond, Indiana

“Mayor McDermott, Jr. Clowning”


Mayor McDermott, Jr. sent Chief Doughty and Assistant Chief Long, Precinct Committeeman, to try and intimidate Jan’s Towing aka Lefty. They left with their tails between their legs (no standing down).
The backstory here was how Mayor McDermott, Jr. put the Poe-Poe on Jan’s Towing on a “Good Friday”, my brother. And Street looked @ Lefty eyeball to eyeball, you feel?.

“come on Lefty you can fool the nurse, but you can’t fool the doctor,” Street leaned into him as they talked…

“You don’t believe me?” Lefty sort of pissed.

“I’m from Missouri. You gotta show me boss.

Big Ten-Four

Kim, Lefty’s girl, seen Hammond Poe-Poe pulled up in the tow yard. And she remembered that day because it was “Good Friday”. She had the day off. Proof enough WJOB and WLTH. Gotta be proud of him @ Notre Dame, huh? Crazy Clown in our neck of the word, and he wants to go to congress.


Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Came from California as Republican

 "Don't forgot McDermott came from California a Republican"


     "I forgot about that," Guy inside "R-Bar" tells me as we "smash" on some grab. "Yeah, he had dinner with "Stig", Chairman of the Lake County Democratic Precinct Organization. Robert Stiglich "Blessed Tom McDermott, Jr.  who became a Democratic overnight. 32 years old, he ran for Mayor Hammond won as a "freshly minted Democratic".

3 Letter Boyz on "his behind".
Strack and Van Til

"S.H. @ Strack and Van Til?"

     Situation @ Strack's in East Chicago. New source who "still smells like the store", you feel me, works @ Strack's. So make them better than a government check.
On the Low-Low

     Source alleges that Mark Lopez was seen @ WLTH 1370, talking with Marion Williams, the owner of the radio station.... "Bochinche" out there, Mark Lopez was inquiring about airtime? Why not, it's not against the law... But if Mark Lopez is "show nuff he'd announce a exploratory committee, you feel me?

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Feliz Navidad

March 29, 2019

"Feliz Navidad"

     Ran into Frank Madera @ East Chicago Main Library on Columbus Drive, and he came up to shake my hand and wish me a Merry Christmas... "Feliz Navidad," was my reply... And Street wants to say "Feliz Navidad" to everybody out there.

      Frank Madera got this "fresh art for you @ "Reference" East Chicago Main Library. Put it on the window of your truck. And if you act right, I might get "fresh art" on Kenny Lofton Mural that we're also working on (Ha Ha).

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Save Some Ink for This Story

Whiting City Hall and Axle

"Hope newspaper saves some ink for this story"

 Same new source started to explain  that he read my update on "Game of Chance" that started @ Hammond Fire House (30 years ago), you feel me? This source cut to the chase which is "cool wit me". 
     You know the Mayor of Whiting also partakes in that same chance, Street," Source drops it on me.
"His fire chief plays, too."
     This guy save me both barrels as Street is toying to decipher Intel. "You know a little baby can talk, and I'm fro Missouri. You gotta show my, boss," Street counters.
     It turns out Mayor Stahura's nickname is "Axle", and this source showed me a document with the name of"Axle" and Chief Jeff Smith, Michael Opinker and Scott Rakos on other document. Source let me eyeball.

Hammond City Councilman

     Give me a "big ten-four" that "Axle" was Mayor Stahura's nickname. Eight other sources give me a big ten-four on Axle being Mayor Stahura's nickname.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The back Story on This

"The back story on this one is a killer

Street (come on now)

     Allegedly, a source close to the story alleges that they discovered smudges on the electronic voting machine. Smudges that conveniently covered Kristie Dressel's name on the voting machine.

Enter Stage Door Left. 

      Shelly Vandenburgh who also was on the 11.5.19  General Election Ballet in Crown Point. It was a woman who entered this particular voting place and discovered alleged smudges that blocked both Kristie Dressel's name on the voting machine along with Shelly Vanderburgh's name on the voting machine? This woman called Shelly, and she in turn called up Kristie. They contacted Michelle Fajman.

Organic Stage of Investigation.