Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Mayor McDermott, Jr's Clowning

Mayor McDermott, Jr. Hammond, Indiana

“Mayor McDermott, Jr. Clowning”


Mayor McDermott, Jr. sent Chief Doughty and Assistant Chief Long, Precinct Committeeman, to try and intimidate Jan’s Towing aka Lefty. They left with their tails between their legs (no standing down).
The backstory here was how Mayor McDermott, Jr. put the Poe-Poe on Jan’s Towing on a “Good Friday”, my brother. And Street looked @ Lefty eyeball to eyeball, you feel?.

“come on Lefty you can fool the nurse, but you can’t fool the doctor,” Street leaned into him as they talked…

“You don’t believe me?” Lefty sort of pissed.

“I’m from Missouri. You gotta show me boss.

Big Ten-Four

Kim, Lefty’s girl, seen Hammond Poe-Poe pulled up in the tow yard. And she remembered that day because it was “Good Friday”. She had the day off. Proof enough WJOB and WLTH. Gotta be proud of him @ Notre Dame, huh? Crazy Clown in our neck of the word, and he wants to go to congress.