Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Pump the Brakes

"Frank Mrvan, Jr pump the brakes

Frank Mrvan, Sr

“Quid pro quo bochinche out there”
Indiana Congressman Pete Visclosky will not seek re-election in 2020 after spending more than 30 years in Washington D.C. Consequently, we now have Tom McDermott, Jr. from Hammond, Indiana announcing  his candidacy for Visclosky’s seat. And there is Frank Mrvan, Jr., North Township Trustee, who also announced he too shall seek Congressman Pete Visclosky’s seat in 2020.
Mayor George Pabey of East Chicago
This was the guy who was involved in “quid pro quo” with Mrvan Jr.
My beef with Mrvan, Jr. is an alleged “quip pro quo” in his background. and McDermott, Jr.’s status can only be described in the following context. “It’s on like Donkey Kong and sooner than later”. Source, who’s better than a government check, tells me. Love the “it on like Donkey Kong”, source using my lines.