Thursday, January 2, 2020

Two Swings and Missed

"She had two swings @ Opinker and Missed" 
(Think we know why)


     The following narrative will help me by my foundation for my skepticism in these commission, etc; etc. especially where the directors (Sara Gonzo Tait) are usually  "politically connected". My first encounter with Indiana Gaming Commission.

A Game of Chance
Taking a chance on a game of chance.

     Opinker skated, and once you see the "long arm" of Mayor McDermott, Jr., if you ask me?

"Game of Chance"

     Coming out of Hammond Fire Department for more than 30 years according to a retiring Hammond Fireman... We discovered that Hammond Fire Chief Jeff Smith and Chief Fire Inspector Michael Opinker even participate along with Scott Rakos and Pat Moore, Jr. We emailed our paperwork with documents, etc; etc. to Indiana Gaming Commission... We're assured they would investigate. Once again we see the long arm of Mayor McDermott, if you ask me. Indiana Gaming Commission didn't do jack!