Saturday, February 29, 2020

Petrovski or Petrowski


     "Was this a type-o, or was he being cute," Street asked.
     "He was being cute," K-9 responded.

Note: K-9 equals Reporter.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Breaking It Down Like A Shotgun

"Breaking It Down Like A Shotgun"
(Both Barrels)


1. "LED Lighting" that madde it here from China was defective.
2. Not all of the order for "LED Lighting" has made it here from China? ($450,000 worth).


Where were the LED Lights gonna be used.

     To upgrade the lighting in all of the county court building. Julie Cantrell and Marissa McDermott were getting new lights, you feel me?

     "Bob Rhoeder was the fall guy on this one."

For the Tourist

    Friday 2.21.2020 -- scroll down for this update.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

3 Letter Boyz Looking at Mary and Regina Cossey

 Mary Cossey and her Mother, Regina Cossey , are people that the 3 Letter Boyz looking @ for show.
This Mary Cossey and her mother with Mayor Freeman.

     Just like that "clown" in Hammond, Indiana. Karen is gonna have the same problem like McDermott, Jr. is gonna have. 
     "The fun doesn't start till the rats start to jump ship," quote attributed to 3 Letter Boyz.... Some might have already started taking singing lessons.


     What about that job Karen got with the Urban League in Chicago.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Lake County Commissioner More Transparent

“Lake County Commissioner Aim to   Be  More Transparency”


This was a young Luke (Skywalker) Britt, Public Access Counselor, who showed “some stones” when he pushed on Lake County Board of Commissioners over transparency.

My Entry Point

$450,000 spent on LED lighting for The Lake County Court Rooms also including juvenile court… And now went to use this issue as a “pedagogical project”.

Define Pedagogical Project: Format of a pedagogical project varies, but it typically starts with a brief outline of the goal for the project.

It would be great for Mike Repay, Lake County Commissioner from my backyard (East Chicago) steps up and “takes us to school”. The organic steps involved when Lake County Commissioners issue a check to a vendor and one to the tune of $450,000 boys and girls… And then to ultimately bring us up to speed on LED lighting contract. Why were lights brought from China.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Listening and Taping Your Show WJOB and WLTH

“3 Letter Boyz Are Listening and Taping Your Show on WJOB and WLTH, You Feel Me?   


This is Mayor McDermott, Jr. “clowning” on WJOB where he’s called on the rug for being fined $50,000 for campaign finance report violation… “So I hope the FBI is listening, and I hope that the FBI is watching out for my safety because these are powerful people.” McDermott, Jr’s tears of a clown.

Source Better Than A Government Check

‘You know why Mayor McDermott. Jr stuck around so long,” Source asked me.
“Don’t know, boss, school me,” Street went along.
“Because he found different ways to wet his beak,” Source told me matter of fact.