Thursday, February 6, 2020

Keeping It One Hundred

“Keep It One Hundred”

One of the best kept secret @ East Chicago Poe-Poe almost came to light… U.S. Attorney’s office was now finally looking @ case of missing weaponry @ East Chicago Poe-Poe. chief Machuca and assistant Chief were calling the shots back then. Come to find out that U.S. Attorney’s office was a “cup of coffee” away from indicting East Chicago  Poe-Poe, you feel me?
Enter stage door left. Lake County Sheriff Buncich towing bribery scam case just “broke”. Stolen weaponry case @ East Chicago Poe-Poe was put on the “back burner” statute of limitations kicked in, so this East Chicago Poe-Poe “skated”.


Ask U.S. Attorney Tom Kirsch II the next time he’s with “De-da-low”.