Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Listening and Taping Your Show WJOB and WLTH

“3 Letter Boyz Are Listening and Taping Your Show on WJOB and WLTH, You Feel Me?   


This is Mayor McDermott, Jr. “clowning” on WJOB where he’s called on the rug for being fined $50,000 for campaign finance report violation… “So I hope the FBI is listening, and I hope that the FBI is watching out for my safety because these are powerful people.” McDermott, Jr’s tears of a clown.

Source Better Than A Government Check

‘You know why Mayor McDermott. Jr stuck around so long,” Source asked me.
“Don’t know, boss, school me,” Street went along.
“Because he found different ways to wet his beak,” Source told me matter of fact.