Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Whole World Is A Stage

         DOJ                                  LAKE COUNTY JAIL
“The Whole World Is A Stage and Everybody Plays A Part


Source (24 karat gold) mentioned how DOJ (Department of Justice) also had to deal with the LED Lighting upgrade @Lake County Jail. DOJ had a federal mandate to bring the jail up to federal code etc., etc. My ears perked up like a good k-9 as he broke down like a shotgun.

The lights in the jail cells @Crown Point had to be shattered proof. Source is telling me. After years and years of upgrade, The DOJ finally finished. Report on Lake County Jail in 2019.

Entry Point

Other source (24 karat gold) also mentioned how LED light bulbs weren’t UL approved. UL (Underwriters Laboratories is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to public safety. My next move was to get a copy of the DOJ report on Lake County Jail. Focus on the section that dealt with the Led lighting in the jail cells.

Will contact his office for said document, you see me?

Coming out of the gate, this story stunk to this freelance writer for 2 stinkin’ reasons.

A.    L.T.N. Solution LLC was form 2017 and 9 months later in 2018. They win this $400,000 LED lighting contract from Lake County Board of Commissioners.

B.    Had a paper thin resume that couldn’t pass the “stink test” to win this huge contract of $400,00.

Tippy                      Rettig                Repay

Was this a sweetheart deal?


He’s the guy who used to run against Visclosky as a Republican before Mark Leyva inherited the job. Fresh meat for the lion.