Saturday, April 4, 2020

Now That You Blessed Frank Mrvan

“Now that you blessed Frank Mrvan let’s talk.”


It all started when a astute Black associate pull my coat tail about “the wall” woo-woo-woo, and this K-9 got on it… Fast, quick and in a hurry.

Chicago Tribune May 1, 1990 Article

Environmental Protection  Agency – Recent EPA
A.    Report said run-off into Hammond was not a health risk. Want that report.
B.     Federal Highway Administration – threatened future funds to both cities if the wall remained because Cline Avenue is part of the federal system. Show me.

Congressman Pete Visclosky is M.I.A. on this one because this could be an illegal wall, and “King Kong” who likes to “clown” might be in violation… This clown might have stepped in it?