Thursday, May 14, 2020

Racism Okay with Sheriff Martinez

 November 2019
 "Racism Okay With Sheriff Martinez?"
(Need the other 3 Letter Boyz -- DOJ

1.    Doug McCloskey – civilian and in Internal Affair.
2.    Sheriff Martinez --  Shot call @Lake County Sheriff Office (Jefe)
3.    Lt. Bryan Marsh --  sent the message
4.    Colonel Fernando Vargas – He was the recipient of the message
5.    J.R Perez – civilian and head of Public Information @the Sheriff Department
(Quieter than s church mouse peeing on cotton)

Sources allege that this took place @ a E.V.O.C. (emergency Vehicle Operation Class) Lt. Bryan Marsh “skated” and never reprimanded but merely transferred  to another department.

Visclosky  and WJOB Worthless

“Oh, I’m gonna get me some Mexican.” What does this mean?                                                                                                                                         

P.S. Dedelow’s wife is a Mexican.

Visclosky’s Chief of Staff is Mexican.