Monday, May 11, 2020

Investor in LED Lighting

“An Investor In LED Lighting Project”
(Cy Huerter)


Never mentioned Cy Huerter in my previous updates and only gave his initials early on in LED Lighting story… But this past Saturday all that changed when one of these “homeys don’t you know me” crossed my path.


Quit playing Street and come on with the come on… C.H. is Cy Huerter and even texting you a photo. Republican like Tippy.

Cy Huerter is an investor with “L.T.N. Solutions” according to him and proved it by putting up his house for collateral on a $100,000 loan. Ryan Rettig needed money, so they had to turn to some “loan-company” out of California. Cy Huerter started to “stutter” when money he was expecting in 60 days wasn’t forthcoming. A company from California who loaned the $100,000 to Cy Huerter now sued him. Cy Huerter filed Chapter 13. Wheel came off the Cadillac.


P.R. Frankie will you what bochinche means.

Mike Repay, Ryan Rettig, and Cy Huerter allegedly were having closed door meeting in commissioners office. Source better than a government check.

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Marc Chase on this story like a dog on a bone.