Friday, May 8, 2020

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Sheriff Martinez and the Federal Courthouse

“Staying ahead of the curve with fresh stuff”

Street (This is a felony)

It seems that J Menchaca allegedly was involved with a female prisoner who was housed @Lake County Jail. Once the woman was released. J Menchaca allegedly continued to see this woman.

Source thinks that somebody “dropped a dime” on J Menchaca because Poe-Poe discovered J Menchaca @this woman’s home, you feel me?

Red Flag

This case wasn’t brought in front of the Lake County Merit Board. But was handled by “I.A.” (Internal Affair) of Lake County Sheriff Department. This K-9 sensed that J. Menchaca was asked to take the demotion from No. 2 guy @Lake County Jail. Would still be Lake County Sheriff. No harm. No foul)
New Update

Oh, I’m gonna get me some Mexican’

Lt. B.W. vs Colonel J.V.