Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Clowning 2021

Basically trying to create avenue for the funniest guy in the class of 2021. Participants will be given 3 minutes and 30 seconds to make us laugh and display their comic skill in the following categories:

A.     Pantomime (Slapstick Comedy and Dance

B.      Funny Sounds

C.      Impersonations

D.     Tell Jokes

Community Outreach

We want to create a venue where high schools from the surrounding area can participant in a different experience… This will be an alternative to football, basketball, and baseball. Our plan is to borrow a page from high school basketball and have each school host their own venue to produce a winner. Each comedic winner then we will move on to complete against other “clowning” winners in winner take all completion. (Spring Break 2021)

1.       East Chicago High School                                        

2.       Gary Westside High school

3.       Munster High School

4.       Valparaiso High School

5.       Crown Point High School

6.       Highland High School.

7.       Chesterton High School

8.       Michigan City High School

9.       LaPorte High School

10.   Merrillville High School

11.   Lowell High School

East Chicago Police Department Gym

“Thinking Out the Box”

The local police departments will send a representative to look for the funniest policeman to be on our “undercard… Have students and people see our local policeman without a uniform or carrying a gun. Police from aforementioned cities will be eligible to participate. This will be under the auspices of “community outreach”. Host @ East Chicago Police Department Gymnasium.

Facebook Live make this ultra-cool. The proximity of our participants on the stage with a microphone on the stage lends itself to Facebook Live (Smartphone or Tablet is our secret weapon).
Genesis Convention Center Gary, Indiana

The Venue

The Genesis Convention Center in Gary, Indiana will host our event during Spring break 2021.

Panel of Judge

Will give each participant a score to determine the winners.

1. Speros Batistatos – CEO South Shore Visitor and    Tourist Bureau.

2.  LaTroy Hawkins – Former Major League Pitcher
            3.  Fred Halpern – Albert’s Jewelers
            4. Judge Sonja Morris – East Chicago City Judge

5. Anna Ortiz – The Times Reporter

WLTH 1370AM Radio
Marketing tool to mark our “Clowning Venue.
Special prizes to the winners

Ricardo  (Streetwise) Moreno (Idea Guy)

"You know what I'm against. You know what I'm for"

Friday, June 26, 2020



"Matty Hits A Stand Up Triple in George"

"Local young cat playing on a traveling team"


     Due to "coronavirus", this cat missed his Freshman baseball season... But he's back to playing baseball now.. If anybody local has a video of a youngster "getting down" inthe "sport world" lemme know.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Executive Meeting Board of Commissioners

"Executive meeting Board of Commissioners"
           English                                                                 Greek
Back to square one   φτου κι απ'την αρχή  ftou ki ap'tin archí


     The takeaway from this meeting is that Lake County Boards Commissioners are going "back to square one" on this LED lighting fiasco. The term litigation was also discussed in reference to Ryan Rettig. Hope Petalas does the "right thing" and releases the checks.
Ryan  Rettig
$436,000 (L.T.N. Solution, Inc.)

Friday, June 19, 2020

The Guy in Indy

"Guy in Indy, Backing My Play"

      Remember some cat who had a favorite saying: "You can fool the Nurse, but you can't fool the doctor. "