Friday, July 31, 2020

Snoring In The Background

     John Petalas                                       Peggy Katona
"That snoring In The Background Is Investigative Reports @ The Times"

    This Harbor Boy will break it down like a shotgun who aims to be the voice for the voiceless... It's no wonder that Mike Repay "went dark" on me who basically describes this fiasco  as a "vendor who over extended himself". LED Lighting Project still isn't done, and lights from China didn't work. What about buying America. Don Cooley, where you @ when we need you?

My guests for Saturday August 1, 2020 on my radio show beginning at  8am -10Aam on WLTH 1370AM and live on Facebook is:
 P.R Frankie at 830am
 Marcus Martin from Grace Beyond Borders at 9am
Juda Parks is on at 930am

(Note: Larry Blanchard retired as Financial Consultant for the County on Friday?)

P.S.: Breaking News

     Google Nasson Joaquin Garcia who has a church @ 4916 Wegg Avenue. (La Luz Del Mundo) New charges for raping children.