Monday, July 27, 2020

What A Smoking Gun Looks Like

 What a Smoking Gun" Looks Like"

"My Beefs With The Times"

 We have gone round and round in regards to what constitutes the news, and they didn't agree with me. Assistant Warden J Menchaca was discover messing with a female inmate @ Lake County Jail. Street had a "smoking gun" with a redacted document that shows how J Menchaca was demoted. Yet, they still refused to print the story? Yet,, it was The Times who endorsed Oscar Martinez for Lake County Sheriff.

   The Times failed to print a story about Tom McDermott, Sr. bouncing $240,000 of bad checks to a landscaping in Demotte. Street gave them bounced checks. "Smoking gun".

       The Times failed to print a story on how Sgt. George Pabey allegedly murdered Gilbert Bonilla on 10.31.85. Bill Nangle, the editor @ The Times, chose to discredited Street in his "op-ed". Proceeded to lie and state Marc Chase kept digging to get a copy of the coroner's report... In actuality, Street gave photos from the coroner's report to Marc Chase (now editor @ The Times) The Times also endorsed George Pabey for mayor.

Nangle Op-Ed"