Thursday, August 27, 2020

Breaking It Down Again


"Breaking It Down Like A Shotgun"
     Samekia brings her story to us this Saturday, and how her American Dream has turned into a nightmare.
8:30am --- Samekia
Don't meet me there. Beat me there.
McDermott, Jr

Talk about this scenario on your podcast.

Whiting City Hall and Axle

"Hope newspaper saves some ink for this story"

 Same new source started to explain  that he read my update on "Game of Chance" that started @ Hammond Fire House (30 years ago), you feel me? This source cut to the chase which is "cool wit me". 
     You know the Mayor of Whiting also partakes in that same chance, Street," Source drops it on me.
"His fire chief plays, too."
     This guy save me both barrels as Street is toying to decipher Intel. "You know a little baby can talk, and I'm fro Missouri. You gotta show my, boss," Street counters.
 It turns out Mayor Stahura's nickname is "Axle", and this source showed me a document with the name of"Axle" and Chief Jeff Smith, Michael Opinker and Scott Rakos on other document. Source let me eyeball.

Hammond City Councilman

     Give me a "big ten-four" that "Axle" was Mayor Stahura's nickname. Eight other sources give me a big ten-four on Axle being Mayor Stahura's nickname.
Axle's #