Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Memo to G.I. Again

Memo to G.I.

      Might be some more dirty draws in Gary, Indiana under Former Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson's tenure. 
     My source from Southern Indiana was impressed with my "mural deal" in East Chicago.
     "I see you can walk and chew gum @ the same time, Mr. Streetwise," he told me.. 
     God love the internet!


     Evansville, we may have issues here in Gary with former Mayor Wilson and Majestic Star Casino? Sara Tait, you were missing in action on that illegal lotto coming out of Hammond Fire.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Breaking News in the East Chicago School

Breaking News
     20 East Chicago teachers called off from work today. Allegedly a fellow teacher tested positive for coronavirus, and school officials failed to notify other teachers. Second hand source got the word out.


All East Chicago Teachers will be @ administration building today @5:30pm

Friday, September 25, 2020

A Check Didn't Materialize


"Wheel feel  off the Cadillac when Mike Repay promise of cutting Ryan Rettig a check didn't materialize."


     Ryan Rettig, Cy Huerter and Mike Repay had a closed door meeting where money was the topic of discussion. Repay promised to cut Rettig a check in 2 weeks. On the strength of this meeting Cy Huerter agreed to put up his house for collateral to secure a loan from a California company to borrow Rettig money for 2 weeks. But when this money wasn't  forthcoming. You had the California company sweating Huerter for their money. To "Keep the dog off him." Huerter filed Chapter 13. And now "3 Letter Boy"z knocking on the door!!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Buy American First

"What happened to buy America first?"


     Breaking it down like a shotgun for the taxpayers in Lake County! Tom Kuhn is head of Hammond Port Authority and a McDermott, Jr's associate!!!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Perpetual Memorial


Perpetual Memories ---- Jessie Suarez”


Thank you to the people who attended the burial, and Post #369 who gave Jessie a proper send-off. Condolence to the Suarez family.






Monday, September 14, 2020

Illegal Lotto and Hammond Fire Dept


Mayor Stahura                          and his wife
Axle                                     Lady Di
6-7-24                                  17-26-28
 No photo of Gus

     Illegal lotto in Hammond with 644 player that originated out of Hammond Fire Department. (Stahura used nickname to try and hide.)


Axle is Mayor Stahura and Lady Di, who is Stahura's wife. Gus is the Chief of Whiting Fire Department who also played a number. Indiana Gaming Commission cops didn't do? jacks!!! Don't forget Rakos (8-11-24), a Hammond City Councilman who also dabbed along with Opinker (10-33-36), you feel me
Hammond Fire Chief - Jeff Smith -- 9-18-35
Assistant Fire Chief - Pat Moore, Jr. -- 9-22-23
"Buckle Up"
     3 Letters Boyz allegedly sniffing around the LED Lighting fiasco. Don Cooley, a retired 3 Letter Boy, used this term to say that "road gonna get bumpy" for suspects they looking @.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Services for Jessie Suarez


Services for Jessie Suarez
9.19.2020 at 10:30
Fife Funeral Home
Burial at St. John Cemetery



Friday, September 11, 2020

Remembering Jessie Suarez


"Almost 30 years on the street"


Street took this picture of Jessie Suarez one winter inside the Subway on Columbus Drive. Something told me that he might not be around for much longer, you feel me. Just wanted something for the archives…

A.     He started out @ Michigan and Guthrie by “Harbor lounge” in trailer.

B.      He moved across the street by the “Busy Corner”

C.      Then next door by Nagdemans .

D.     Stayed on the side of parking lot by North Township Trustees Office on Broadway.

E.      Across from the Post Office on Main Street.

F.      The Final spot on Columbus Drive.


Thanks you “Bronko” (Serbian Guy) who owned the building where Jessie called home. “Bronko” put the tribute in front.


 Beep the horn when you drive by if you can.
(We Love The Hood)


     We will "lift up" Jessie Suarez this Saturday @ 8:15am. Gone but not forgotten.

Call in phone number to the radio station. 219.885.1371