Monday, September 14, 2020

Illegal Lotto and Hammond Fire Dept


Mayor Stahura                          and his wife
Axle                                     Lady Di
6-7-24                                  17-26-28
 No photo of Gus

     Illegal lotto in Hammond with 644 player that originated out of Hammond Fire Department. (Stahura used nickname to try and hide.)


Axle is Mayor Stahura and Lady Di, who is Stahura's wife. Gus is the Chief of Whiting Fire Department who also played a number. Indiana Gaming Commission cops didn't do? jacks!!! Don't forget Rakos (8-11-24), a Hammond City Councilman who also dabbed along with Opinker (10-33-36), you feel me
Hammond Fire Chief - Jeff Smith -- 9-18-35
Assistant Fire Chief - Pat Moore, Jr. -- 9-22-23
"Buckle Up"
     3 Letters Boyz allegedly sniffing around the LED Lighting fiasco. Don Cooley, a retired 3 Letter Boy, used this term to say that "road gonna get bumpy" for suspects they looking @.