Friday, September 11, 2020

Remembering Jessie Suarez


"Almost 30 years on the street"


Street took this picture of Jessie Suarez one winter inside the Subway on Columbus Drive. Something told me that he might not be around for much longer, you feel me. Just wanted something for the archives…

A.     He started out @ Michigan and Guthrie by “Harbor lounge” in trailer.

B.      He moved across the street by the “Busy Corner”

C.      Then next door by Nagdemans .

D.     Stayed on the side of parking lot by North Township Trustees Office on Broadway.

E.      Across from the Post Office on Main Street.

F.      The Final spot on Columbus Drive.


Thanks you “Bronko” (Serbian Guy) who owned the building where Jessie called home. “Bronko” put the tribute in front.


 Beep the horn when you drive by if you can.
(We Love The Hood)


     We will "lift up" Jessie Suarez this Saturday @ 8:15am. Gone but not forgotten.

Call in phone number to the radio station. 219.885.1371