Wednesday, October 28, 2020

10.28.2020 Update


Courthouse on Russell Street
(Lawrence "Church" Clark)
     The allegedly victim in Higg's scenario is about 40 years old, and some "black dude" who may have some dirty draws. Source alleges that "Church" sometimes would take off from the job site, and Higgs would have to go look for him? Church is from Illinois. Source also told me that a bailiff had vomited in Judge Aleksandra Dimitijevic's courtroom, and they couldn't find nobody to clean it up.(about 40 days ago)


 My Big 10-4 On This Story
     "Mijo Tiene problems" -- "your son has problems". These were the first words out of my mouth when I talked to Al Menchaca. This was right after Street had a source "drop this intel" on me. 
     "I know, it's about that woman he was messing with," al Menchaca told me.
      Street intimated our conversation to reporter who knew Al Menchaca was Joe Menchaca's father, you feel me? Yet, no mention in the newspaper article.


9:05am 1370Am on Saturday 10.31.2020


"Mayor Copeland wears different hats"
Reward 4 Timaya
Call: 219.391.8500

Monday, October 26, 2020

Los Compadres

"Montanez was fired immediately after allegation came to light"
"It's Not What You Know But Who You Know"
        Once again The Times shows us how they "pick their shots" when writing stories in our neck of the woods. Notice how we get photos of "Montanez and Higgs" but don't include a photo of Menchaca? And notice how Lake County Government didn't hesitate to fire Montanez and Higgs but only demote Menchaca... not to say aforementioned shouldn't be fires but why does Menchaca skate?.
           Al Menchaca      Sheriff Martinez        Joe Menchaca

     It's this freelance writer's opinion that Menchaca skated because his father, Al Menchaca -- Lake County Councilman, and Lake County Sheriff are allies, you feel me? And this fact was omitted in the article that appeared in The Times. Street mentioned this to a reporter and nothing!
P.S. Al Menchaca and Sheriff Martinez drank the McDermott's Koolaid.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Ain't No Straw In My Hair

"Ain't No Straw In My Hair"
A. Tom McDermott Sr. bounced over $200, 000 in checks to landscaping business in Demotte. We even provided the bounced checks and the story never seen the light of day. Had it been a Mexican like Roy Dominguez. Bet you, The Times would have ran the story! Source close to this story said Mr. McDermott Sr. made good on the checks. Thus, they decided not to run the story.... Story still should have ran but with a happy ending. (The reporter started this story who vanished)
B. Joe Menchaca assistant warden @ Crown Point Jail was demoted for allegedly having sex with a female inmate. He wasn't fired but merely demoted over this Class VI Felony. Yet the newspaper failed to mention that Menchaca is the son of Lake County Councilman Al Menchaca, an ally of Sheriff Oscar Martin. Street told the writer of the relationship, but they claimed that they weren't aware.
C. East Chicago Councilman banging the drum for "line item" contracts but doesn't practice what he preaches... Source "sang the blues" to me about a story never seen "the light of day". TBC

Monday, October 19, 2020

Attorney Trammel Raggs Quit Playing.

 Luke Britt, Public Records Counselor

(Attorney Trammel Raggs quit Playing)
     Filed public records request pertaining to minutes from DOJ meeting with Lake County Board of Commissioners from end of 2019.

     Luke Britt spoke with you and was told "it fell through the cracks". But the minutes would be forthcoming, you feel me?

Thursday, October 15, 2020

East Chicago Board Meeting 10.14.2020

"Meeting @ East Chicago Board Meeting"


 My  Beef

     Twenty teachers called off from work one day, and 24 teachers called off another day. Then 16 teachers called off a third day. East Chicago Health Department told me to call Nurse Bobo. Called up Nurse Bobo @ East Chicago Central who is the coordinator for all nurses @ the schools. She couldn't confirm these numbers and told me to call the Superintendent (Dee-Etta Wright). Took here advice, but Ms. Wright never called me back.
My guest on my radio show on WLTH this Saturday.

9:05am --- Vanessa Hernandez Orange, President of East Chicago School Board

 9:20am --- Gerry Schueb

"LED Lighting fiasco.

9:35am --- Christina Guerrero White Williams

"Why I'm running for East Chicago School Board"
9:50am --- Bob Cantrell -- "Will President Trump defeat Biden?"

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Not Lakers But Lagos

 LeBron James

 EL Rey -- The King

"Hispanic Heritage Month"
     You wanna reach out to the Hispanic community? Put "Los Lagos" on those jerseys but not the fake "Los Lakers" on them jerseys... This is from a Mexican who loves basketball make than he loves tortillas.
Champion --- Campeones
NBA Championship Trophy


Sunday, October 11, 2020

Lake County Sues Over LED Lights

Curtain Call

Street (People around here)
        They're not from Whiting, Gary, East Chicago, Hammond, or Munster... They're from Missouri, and you gotta show them something tangible, you feel me?

    "The turn around time on this one made my "orejas", ears perk-up like a good k-9."

    Filed a public records request for minutes from Lake County Board of Commissioner and DOJ meeting toward the end of 2019. Source better than a government check assured me that DOJ exiting their oversight of Lake County Jail... They wanted to find out if LED lights for jail were shatterproof snd tamper proof. A source further states they weren't. Anyway, it's been over a month, and lawyers for the Lake County Commissioner haven't sent me a rejection notice. Luke (Skywalker) Britt, public access counselor from Indianapolis, assured me, Street, was entitled to minutes.

"Wheel feel  off the Cadillac when Mike Repay promise of cutting Ryan Rettig a check didn't materialize."

Cy Huerter Text:

"Thanks, Streetwise, you knew I'd be famous someday."
(Can't make this stuff up)

     Ryan Rettig, Cy Huerter and Mike Repay had a closed door meeting where money was the topic of discussion. Repay promised to cut Rettig a check in 2 weeks. On the strength of this meeting Cy Huerter agreed to put up his house for collateral to secure a loan from a California company to borrow Rettig money for 2 weeks. But when this money wasn't  forthcoming. You had the California company sweating Huerter for their money. To "Keep the dog off him." Huerter filed Chapter 13. And now "3 Letter Boyz" knocking on the door!!!


Lake County Government Center

This Might Not Be Sexy Enough for You


      This source who never gave me :"jack"  of all a sudden save me a tip... Street had a "cup of joe" with this source, and this guy "broke it it down like shotgun". Deal was Street doesn't use his name.
      L.T.N. Technology allegedly purchased $450,000 worth of LED lights to upgrade the lighting in county and juvenile courts. Lake County Board of Commissioners approved the purchase with a firm from China. What happened to American First? Only problem is this upgrade has turned into a fiasco. Snoring in the background is The Times and The Post.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Streetwise Live on WLTH Saturday Morning 9am

Saturday 9:05am 1370
Streetwise Live

 Guest: Bob Cantrell
 "The man, myth, the legend"
Part I: John Baratto
Part II: The 1960 East  Chicago Washington Senate Indiana State Champion.
Part III: Mythical battle vs Manny Newsome

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Need Masks for the Stench


Students need masks to put up with the stench @ East Chicago city administration building.


     "I'm committed to East Chicago," Wright said. "I'm very passionate about East Chicago...About what we can do, and what were capable of doing." A quote in a newspaper article in The Times after she was appointed Superintendent of East Chicago Public School system. 
     Yet, 26 teachers called off from work at Block Junior High School on Monday this week. Yet. Dee-Etta wright defers to attorney and won't even confirm this, "boys and girls". Dee-Etta Wright is wrong and deserves a failing grade in her handling of the "coronavirus" situation, and why teachers are calling off work.
     Failing just like our East Chicago school, but nobody says boo! "It's about the children" is what you read on signs for a candidate running for East School Board has posted around town.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Braking News: Teachers call Off

Breaking News 

 24 Teachers call off today at Block Junior High School.

Dee-Etta Wright M.I.A.