Wednesday, October 28, 2020

10.28.2020 Update


Courthouse on Russell Street
(Lawrence "Church" Clark)
     The allegedly victim in Higg's scenario is about 40 years old, and some "black dude" who may have some dirty draws. Source alleges that "Church" sometimes would take off from the job site, and Higgs would have to go look for him? Church is from Illinois. Source also told me that a bailiff had vomited in Judge Aleksandra Dimitijevic's courtroom, and they couldn't find nobody to clean it up.(about 40 days ago)


 My Big 10-4 On This Story
     "Mijo Tiene problems" -- "your son has problems". These were the first words out of my mouth when I talked to Al Menchaca. This was right after Street had a source "drop this intel" on me. 
     "I know, it's about that woman he was messing with," al Menchaca told me.
      Street intimated our conversation to reporter who knew Al Menchaca was Joe Menchaca's father, you feel me? Yet, no mention in the newspaper article.


9:05am 1370Am on Saturday 10.31.2020


"Mayor Copeland wears different hats"
Reward 4 Timaya
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