Thursday, October 15, 2020

East Chicago Board Meeting 10.14.2020

"Meeting @ East Chicago Board Meeting"


 My  Beef

     Twenty teachers called off from work one day, and 24 teachers called off another day. Then 16 teachers called off a third day. East Chicago Health Department told me to call Nurse Bobo. Called up Nurse Bobo @ East Chicago Central who is the coordinator for all nurses @ the schools. She couldn't confirm these numbers and told me to call the Superintendent (Dee-Etta Wright). Took here advice, but Ms. Wright never called me back.
My guest on my radio show on WLTH this Saturday.

9:05am --- Vanessa Hernandez Orange, President of East Chicago School Board

 9:20am --- Gerry Schueb

"LED Lighting fiasco.

9:35am --- Christina Guerrero White Williams

"Why I'm running for East Chicago School Board"
9:50am --- Bob Cantrell -- "Will President Trump defeat Biden?"