Monday, October 26, 2020

Los Compadres

"Montanez was fired immediately after allegation came to light"
"It's Not What You Know But Who You Know"
        Once again The Times shows us how they "pick their shots" when writing stories in our neck of the woods. Notice how we get photos of "Montanez and Higgs" but don't include a photo of Menchaca? And notice how Lake County Government didn't hesitate to fire Montanez and Higgs but only demote Menchaca... not to say aforementioned shouldn't be fires but why does Menchaca skate?.
           Al Menchaca      Sheriff Martinez        Joe Menchaca

     It's this freelance writer's opinion that Menchaca skated because his father, Al Menchaca -- Lake County Councilman, and Lake County Sheriff are allies, you feel me? And this fact was omitted in the article that appeared in The Times. Street mentioned this to a reporter and nothing!
P.S. Al Menchaca and Sheriff Martinez drank the McDermott's Koolaid.