Thursday, October 8, 2020

Need Masks for the Stench


Students need masks to put up with the stench @ East Chicago city administration building.


     "I'm committed to East Chicago," Wright said. "I'm very passionate about East Chicago...About what we can do, and what were capable of doing." A quote in a newspaper article in The Times after she was appointed Superintendent of East Chicago Public School system. 
     Yet, 26 teachers called off from work at Block Junior High School on Monday this week. Yet. Dee-Etta wright defers to attorney and won't even confirm this, "boys and girls". Dee-Etta Wright is wrong and deserves a failing grade in her handling of the "coronavirus" situation, and why teachers are calling off work.
     Failing just like our East Chicago school, but nobody says boo! "It's about the children" is what you read on signs for a candidate running for East School Board has posted around town.